About Riverside Rocks

Hey, I'm Riverside Rocks, a backend developer with a passion for web security and development. I work in PHP, Python, and MySQL. You can contact me by trent@riverside.rocks.

Hacking/Bug Bounty

Coding History

I've techinally been coding for a few years, but really only started getting serious in 2020. This page serves to show off some of my old (and quite bad) work.

The Scratch Days

I'm sure most readers have fond memories of Sratch (I certainly do!). My first big coding project was a game called Elemental Dash. The objective was to collect elements and aviod radioactive ones. Sadly, today it is broken due to changes in Sratch's engine, but I've left a link to the HTML version below.

HTML Version (compiled 1/30/21)

I've also left links to some of my, well, no so great games as they are quite funny to look back on and play. Here are a few:

Hirmit gets fat (compiled 1/30/21)

While I was making this post, I decided to log into my old account (Hirmit1) and saw that people were actually commenting on one of my projects, specifically one known as MR E (Try not to laugh)!!!!. By FAR the worst project. It includes my voice, and wow is it ever awful to look back on.